Date of Birth: April 21, 2021

Border Collie and sister to Vida. Catie and Vida were very reluctant surrenders due to emigration. Their family tried everything to take them along, but things didn’t work out.
Catie is outgoing and good with other dogs and great with children. She is house-trained and loves playing ball. She is also tolerant of cats, as long as the cats don’t run too much (so basically, cats that know dogs).
Catie is an escape artist of note (not to go for an adventure, but to be with people), so she will need a very secure property with very high walls and ideally, electric fencing. But she is worth it, such a lovely girl



Stray, rescued, or unwanted Collies are taken in by Border Collie Rescue and undergo a thorough assessment and rehabilitation period before being re-homed. Additionally, the organization actively assists individuals in rehoming their Border Collies, ensuring a vetted process and suitable homes for the dogs.

The adoption fee is R1500.00 (R2500.00 for puppies) and includes the sterilisation (for puppies mandatory at 6 months), inoculations (for puppies one or two depending on age and time with us), microchipping and deworming of the Border Collie.

The decision to specialize in Border Collies stems from the observed negative effects of confining these energetic dogs in kennels. The rescue was established in 1998 to provide a safe haven where Border Collies could be kept in open spaces, preventing the detrimental effects of kennel confinement.

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