Providing a unique “free-range” safe haven for Border Collies in need

about us

Since 1998, Border Collie Rescue Cape Town has been devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Border Collies in need. Our mission is to offer a safe haven for Border Collies in need. Each dog in our care goes through individual assessments and, where required, tailored rehabilitation before we find them loving forever homes. We also work closely with adopters to ensure successful rehoming and provide ongoing support for the well-being of these remarkable dogs.

At Border Collie Rescue, we offer a unique “free-range” environment, promoting each Border Collie’s physical and mental well-being. Our expansive runs encourage socialization and play, while our rehabilitation programs are personalized to each dog’s unique needs. This commitment extends to comprehensive family assessments and ongoing support, ensuring that each Border Collie finds a nurturing and lasting home. 

our mission

what we do


We rescue abused, neglected or unwanted Border Collies, providing them with immediate care and shelter.


We assess and rehabilitate Border Collies, focusing on their physical and emotional well-being to prepare them for their new future.


We find suitable and loving homes for Border Collies and assist with the transition into their new home.

long-term care

We provide long-term care for Border Collies not suitable for rehoming, ensuring they live their best lives in a safe and nurturing environment.

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adoption process

The team at Border Collie Rescue Cape Town wants to find suitable and loving new homes that understand the unique needs of the breed and where the adopted Border Collie receives the required care and attention. 

As the initial step in the adoption process, please complete the application form, providing as much information as you can. This allows us to understand your unique circumstances and to assist in finding you a suitable Border Collie companion.

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