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At Border Collie Rescue Cape Town we take in stray, rescued, and unwanted Collies. We also assist people with rehoming their Border Collies, when this becomes necessary. This ensures that the Collies go to new homes that were first vetted and that are breed-suitable.


All Collies in our care are kept in large, open runs, separated into groups of dogs that are most suited to each other. They have space to run and play, but they also learn social skills and appropriate behaviour.
Over the initial 3 weeks, new arrivals to the shelter are assessed and the required rehabilitation program is put into place. Rehabilitation can take anything from 1 to 6 months depending on the level of previous abuse or neglect.
In order to rehabilitate Border Collies, they need space to run, play, and interact with other dogs. Traditional rescue kennels are not suitable for Border Collies as they would be kept in a small space, usually alone. At Border Collie Rescue they have large runs and live in groups, an environment that meets their breed-specific needs.


Once the assessment and any rehabilitation is completed, we place the Border Collies up for adoption. We endeavour to select the most suitable home, ensuring the family is able to meet the particular dog’s needs with regards to temperament, energy levels and any other special needs. We also assist with the transition into their new home.

Long-term Care

We provide long-term care for Border Collies not suitable for rehoming, ensuring they live their best lives in a safe and nurturing environment.

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founder's story

meet Karen

Karen van Rosenveld, the founder of Border Collie Rescue, Cape Town, was born in Cape Town in 1963 and grew up in Hout Bay on a small holding with her horses and Collies. To make some extra money, she taught riding lessons. Karen competed in three-phase events, including dressage, cross country, and jumping. From 1983 until 2007, she worked in administration to pay the bills.

Karen has always been a big fan of dogs. Her first dog was a Bull Terrier named Pikie, and she has had many other dogs since then, including a German Shepherd named Casiopia, a Yorkie named Rupert, and a Border Collie called Panda. She saved many dogs over the years that then became her personal dogs, including CoCo in 1979 and Sally in 1983.

In the 90s, Karen taught dog training at the Cape Province Dog Club and competition obedience at Cape Handlers. She has won many awards and championships with her dogs, and in 2006, she was part of the team representing South Africa in the World Champs Agility Team Event. Karen also worked on movies and commercials with dogs and cats throughout the years. Her love for animals, particularly the Border Collie as a breed, and her many years of training and working with dogs formed the foundation of what was to become Border Collie Rescue.

In 1998 Karen officially started Border Collie Rescue, Cape Town, and became directly involved in the daily rehabilitation and rehoming of Collies. After she stopped working in 2007, she devoted all her time to the shelter as she knew it was her life’s calling.

Today, the shelter does not only provide a safe place for rescued or displaced Border Collies but also for many other rescue animals like parrots, cats, horses, monkeys, geese, and chickens, all of which form part of what they do.

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